How Would You Like To Get Helpful Basketball Tips &

Advice Sent To Your Phone Weekly?

Introducing... "The Mobile Baller's Tips!"

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How would you like to receive bite-sized little chunks of tips & advice directly to your cell phone every Monday?

Tips that'll take just 15 seconds to read but take months off your learning curve?

For example, the text message displayed here took a student just 15 seconds to read but taught them how to handle ball pressure from the triple threat.

(To think, people believe handling defense of pressure from triple threat is more diffcult than handling pressure while dribbling. If they started getting my Mobile Baller's Tips every week, they'd know how to escape pressure from the defense!)

Here's the cool part: If I can't teach it in 160 characters, it won't make the cut. That means you'll never be forced to digest a bunch of boring information at once. You'll get a concise, to-the-point tip that is sure to drive you one step closer to your goal.

From shooting and ball handling advice to on court leadership advice and motivational quotes that will inspire you, you'll get a variety of useful information you can put to work for you right way.

To join our Mobile Ballers Tips just add your mobile number below and you're all set.

*You can unsubscribe at any time by e-mailing or replying with STOP on your cell phone.

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